Here are some of the things patients have said about their treatment:

“I have had 5 sessions of acupuncture now following a series of falls & I have been extremely pleased with the treatment I have received. I am making good progress & I cannot recommend Richard highly enough.”

“Richard changed my entire opinion on acupuncture. After some less than convincing experiences in the past, I could not have asked for a more relaxing and immediately pain-relieving session by such a warm, personable practitioner. Richard is a miracle worker in his own talented right, and takes a genuine and thoughtful interest in his patients’ care.”

“I am a 70 year old woman who has had osteoarthritis for many years. I had 9 appointments with Richard Doggett and found some definite relief from the pain. He was particularly successful in curing an arthritic toe on my right foot. Also I have had problems sleeping for several years and this has been greatly improved with acupuncture.Richard listens carefully to all your requirements and gives you great confidence in the process. He is very keen to make a difference.”

“I came to Richard recently with sciatic pain in my left leg, hip and back. I broke my left femur (thigh bone) quite badly two years ago and after the initial healing it left me with this sciatic pain which I just hoped would eventually go away! 18 months later I am wondering why did I wait so long to pursue this wonderful pain relieving treatment I received after visiting Richard. After just two sessions there was a marked improvement and the pain in my back was gone. After two further sessions we are definitely winning the battle with the leg and hip.
My husband was particularly keen for me to try this. He has been an onlooker during my treatment and is now totally in awe of what a skilled Acupuncturist like Richard can achieve.
I would definitely recommend anyone in pain to give it a try and Richard is a lovely relaxed guy who genuinely wants to help people like myself with pain and other ailments.
Richard has also helped significantly with my life long battle against IBS, so I am a pretty happy, pain free lady these days.
Thank you Richard.”

“Hello Richard. I wanted to contribute to your testimonials page as I really found it so helpful to talk with you and be treated by you during my all too brief visit to Cornwall! Hope you are well, we both miss Cornwall very much … All the very best in the meantime, Sophie.
Testimonial: I had four sessions of acupuncture with Richard during a holiday down in Cornwall in which i experienced a flare up of Crohn’s disease. I found Richard to be exceptionally compassionate and thoughtful in his approach. He really takes the time to listen and understand. I felt much better as a result of my visits and would highly recommend him. The best acupuncture I have had so far.”

“Having suffered from fibromyalgia for more years than I care to remember I did not ever think I would be without pain until I visited the Penzance Acupuncture Clinic. After just a few sessions my pain has diminished considerably and in fact there have been days when I have been completely pain free, something I never thought I would ever say or indeed experience again. Richard is so caring and attentive and I really cannot thank him enough for turning my life around and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“Having been suffering and in considerable pain with sciatica, acupuncture with Richard has been amazing- no more pain killers and at last I feel as though I’m on the mend. Highly recommended.”

“Very impressed with the results! first relief from nerve pain/itching I have had for 5+ years, highly recommend to anyone

“Was super impressed with PAC. Would highly recommend… for anything! 

“Richard is an exceptionally skilled practitioner. I booked based on the quality of his testimonials. I’m keen to validate the glowing praise & add my own.
Acupuncture is used & recommended by my NHS physiotherapist department. Richard was able to help me continue my treatment when on holiday. I saw him twice and both lengthy treatments were immediately effective at easing sacroiliac joint pain & inflammation of my lower back.
Richard is not only incredibly thorough – his treatment is intense & powerful – he has a warm, relaxed & compassionate nature. Just as important.
He’s a lovely, knowledgeable guy working in a great, easy and access place. I recommend him without reservation & will definitely be back. I’m keen for him to help my son’s hay fever “

“About 18 months ago I injured my left leg at the back. It was very sore at the top of the calf and lower hamstring. After having had Physiotherapy and putting ice packs on it, it did not get better. So I went to Richard. After the first treatment things got a lot better. I am having more treatments and think he will fix my leg. Give him a ring, or call in at Clarence House, Acupuncture does work.”

“In February 2016 I had a fall, fractured my pelvis and also the third vertebrae in my back. I have suffered for years from osteoporosis and at times the pain was unbearable. In July 2016 my doctor suggested I try acupuncture. By accident I found Richard Doggett at Clarence House in Penzance. After a few treatments, the improvement was amazing. Six weeks ago, I then damaged the ligaments and cartilage in my right knee. The hospital gave me a walking frame and told me I would be out of action for six to eight weeks. I went to see Richard and had four treatments in nine days. Now I am back working at my part time job, thank you Richard. During treatment he is calm and tranquil. I would have no hesitation in recommending anybody that suffers with pain to try Richard and be amazed at the difference Richard makes.”

“I went to Richard with headaches, sinusitis and body pains… I felt improvements from the 1st session, my sinusitis has cleared and everything else is getting better every session. Richard is highly professional & he has a great approach. Very happy, I would recommend.”

“Wish I’d found Richard sooner!
Unfortunately I ignored the slight niggles in my back, until I was left in agony with sciatica accompanied with excruciating painful spasms.
but thankfully this is when I found Richard! After a few treatments and great advice it’s like the sciatica is a distant memory. 
Richard is very professional and has a welcoming friendly approach at every session.
Going through an intense year, I hadn’t realised how much stress I’d been holding onto. 
Excluding the initial pain relief I am less stressed, able to relax easier and enjoying better nights sleep. I look forward to each session knowing I will leave like a new person, relaxed, rejuvenated and pain free.
I would highly recommend Richard at Penzance Acupuncture Clinic”

“I suffered an acute back injury in October 2018. My work as a professional lifeguard involves a high level of physical stress on my body and as such staying on-top of injuries and niggles is especially important.

I approached Rich at the Penzance Acupuncture Clinic after having physiotherapy and following a traditional medicative route for a month with little success. Despite having an unreasonable fear of needles (I really hate them!) I quickly found that acupuncture offered a different path for my body to deal with my pain and create a path forward for my recovery. Throughout my sessions I was able to build off incremental improvements in my mobility and well-being, which gave me a programme in which to move forwards – I found this particularly beneficial.

Rich has an expansive knowledge of Acupuncture and I had an overwhelming sense that he was genuinely invested in my recovery over prolonged treatment for its own sake. I would highly recommend his services to those who are seeking resolution to their own injuries – Cheers mate!”

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