Penzance Acupuncture Clinic Mission Statement

My mission is to help people to their optimal state of health and well being. I am passionate about helping people to feel better. I work with people at all stages of their lives, from young to old, to address issues that arise during the course of each person’s life, and to help resolve those issues, should they arise. I work collaboratively with other alternative as well as mainstream medical practitioners, with the aim of bringing about the best possible outcome for my patients.
I use time tested, completely natural treatment systems that aim to resolve both symptoms as well as underlying imbalances in body and mind, in order to help you to feel great in your body, mind and emotions. I always maintain complete integrity with patients, partners, referring clinics, suppliers, and all others with whom I interact. I will only recommend what is necessary, never more, never less. I will always treat you fairly and with respect. And, I will always do my best to help you in every way with your wellness goals and needs.

Before starting treatment, I do a pre-treatment consultation. Click below to learn more:

Or just call 07713 642514, and I will be happy to answer your questions.

* Results may vary according to your individual health, medical history and lifestyle. While I do my best to give you the best results possible, I do not offer or claim a guaranteed outcome. Read more here ->